Sonic The Comic - Felt Tip Zoo EP

We have put together our first EP! It’s a limited edition of A-Z, with a unique drawing on each case! This is all the cases, but 11 have already been sold at the unofficial EP launch last night with Ace Bushy Striptease and The Middle Ones. You can see which ones are left at the bandcamp page linked above, and if you want one, it’s only £2 and postage!

The EP is also free to download, and includes 4 of our tracks, and a cover of Spoonboy’s Alway Leaving that we literally just recorded the other day.

Please spread the word! If you know anyone who has a softspot for twee indie pop songs with 8 bit synths, let them know!


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    Last five copies available now!
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    I totally have the xylophone cat one. Heh heh heh. Last night I played a show with these guys in my basement and I...
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    AW LOVES THIS IS FANTASTIC! love love love so much love. (and if we end up as ghosts, we end up as ghosts, we end up...
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